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Get your project off the ground with professional help from Malkus Group. Working with individuals and groups throughout the United States and beyond, we help you develop, produce, and market your TV or film project to ensure great success.

Live TV Recording

Content Production

We guide production projects with confidence, relying on our team of seasoned producers to ensure that stories are told in every area of today's changing landscape. When you choose Malkus Group, rest assured that you will receive the highest level of attention so that your life experience will reach key audiences. The benefit of working with our established company is that we are committed to achieving your success.

Media Development

Malkus Group takes pride in overcoming the obstacles that sometimes become barriers in telling stories that need to be told. Simply put, we believe in the freedom of expression and will take every step necessary to ensure that your story catapults to the heights it deserves in a cluttered media landscape. Our success working with entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, young professionals, and community advocates, in addition to the common man and woman, allows us to present your life experiences in the most positive light.


Our storytellers provide new approaches to the age-old craft of sharing everything, from "lessons learned" to "fresh-start moments." We get excited hearing about true stories that ignite purpose or passion. Perhaps your story is about something courageous, such as overcoming obstacles, perseverance, life choices, or the unexpected returns of taking the right path, even if it is less traveled. Whatever your story involves, if you believe it has potential, let us know.

News Placement

Malkus Group has an established reputation for achieving results with placing unique stories in the media. We develop messages to help causes, share life lessons, and provide in-depth analysis of both current and future developments. As media specialists, we've achieved national and international news coverage for clients during the past two decades. Today, there are more challenges than ever in this economic environment. However, our research team stays on top of trends and the headlines where additional stories may be told. This allows our executives to be effective in reaching key audiences.

Outdoor Film Shooting

Media Consultation

Our staff has the experience and expertise to help you. When you face a unique or challenging situation, the favorable public image you've worked hard to build is in the balance. A quick, positive, and timely response is what you need to protect your interests. Our professionals respond and maintain the message necessary for your name and company brand.