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The Ultimate Ponzi: The Scott Rothstein Story Book Cover

The Ultimate Ponzi: The Scott Rothstein Story

The film adaptation of the nonfiction book about villain Scott Rothstein chronicles white-collar crime of unparalleled scope and intrigue. Rothstein, the mastermind of a record Ponzi scheme, used the prestige of his law firm office to lure in a total of 30 co-conspirators.

The fallout from his crime spree is staggering: three deaths at his law firm; two cops recently convicted as co-conspirators; the sentencing of at least one bank executive; and the downfall of one of the country's largest escort services. The Ultimate Ponzi: The Scott Rothstein Story (Pelican) details this scoundrel's sprawling spectacle of sex, murder, public corruption, fraud, and collusion with ultra-wealthy investors and organized crime syndicates, including the Sicilian and Israeli mafias.

This sordid story leaves some room for hope, however. After years of legal maneuvering, investors have had 100% of their money returned. Rothstein's former girlfriend, Alicia, avoided falling under his spell and having her life ruined. She is now happily married to a gentleman. This feature film is currently in development.

Havana Night: Defeating Fidel

Havana Night, a German and English-owned company, had toured in 16 countries and was ready to depart for their United States tour. Cuban President Fidel Castro, playing a game of political chess, decided not to allow the troupe to depart for their American tour.

The Havana Night Broadway Show knew their only hope of bringing their 53 Cuban entertainers to the US would be if there was international pressure on Castro, thus allowing the members to make their first trip to Las Vegas. By hitting the right buttons, the entertainment troupe experienced "fresh-start moments." For the only time in history, Castro was defeated. Stay tuned for this feature film.

Havana Night Performance Show